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Environmental Policy

Working towards a truly sustainable workplace

CCR accept environmental responsibility from its operations and aim to minimise and mitigate environmental impact as a consequence. This is why we have set out a number of commitments to further reduce our footprint on the planet and to work towards a truly sustainable workplace.

As part of our global commitment, we must all think more about what we can do to be more environmentally friendly and here at CCR we are aware that the decisions we make can have a detrimental impact on our world.

CCR Environmental Commitments


  • Being a sustainable supplier by using FSC accredited paper, ensuring that all raw materials used are from sustainable sources and measures are being made to replenish this for short and long term uses.
  • Using BPA free thermal paper, thereby using less chemicals.
  • Considering the environmental impact for every decision we make. We insist that any supplier partnerships are founded on sound and ethical policy towards manufacture and distribution.


  • Considering all methods that are used to manufacture all products, reviewing our procedures to conserve use of water, electricity and other non-renewable materials and resources.
  • Upgrading machinery, equipment and office utilities to be more efficient, modern and environmentally conscious.


  • Are all items packed in a responsible manner, enough to avoid damage and therefore waste but ultimately not over packed.


  • Avoid hazardous materials and products wherever possible, ensuring we protect our people and the environment in use, storage and disposal.
  • Minimising waste from our operation, reusing, recycling and, sourcing recycled products and materials wherever we can.

Business resources and training responsibilities

  • Maintaining programmes and policies in line with relevant legislation.
  • Providing training and encouraging staff to be responsible and to work in an environmentally friendly way.

All of these issues are known as life cycle management and are a vital key to our environmental responsibility.

We understand that to limit our impact on the environment CCR Manufacturing Ltd need to assist our customers by presenting them with all the facts that they will need to make an informed decision when choosing a new product. This needs to be suitable for their business and fit in with their current environmental goals.

If at any time you require any further information about our product ranges, sustainability policies or other information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to send you any literature you need.

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