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Food Wrapping Paper

Benefits of bespoke food wrapping paper

  • Branding opportunity for every business, large or small
  • From as little as 1000 sheets 335 x 500mm.
  • Useful product already being used by many multiples and independents.
  • Less stock, easy storage, order quantities to suit use.
  • Change the message on a regular basis, ideal for Xmas promotions, Valentines, Mother’s Day etc.
  • Fast turnaround 7 - 10 days for small batches up to 3 weeks for larger batches
  • Option to have 1, 2 or 4 colour process registered print (Including photos)
  • Very competitive, affordable for all. Limited set up costs, including disposable printing plates.
  • Bio degradable, non- toxic greaseproof paper and vegetable inks.
  • Available in brown or white substrates with good wet strength and high grease resistance.
  • Adds a high end look to the product.

We can print on all kinds of food wrapping paper.  Greaseproof and PE coated are the most popeular options, but please let us know how you will be using it and we can advise you. 

Printed Greaseproof
Biodegradable Compostable
Up to 4 colours
Portrait or landscape

Plain and printed PE coated tissue paper 28gsm 52gsm
Widely used in the fast-food market because of its stellar grease barrier properties. These
properties make it ideal for wrapping oily or greasy foods.
PE tissue products are highly applauded these days for its reliable features such as tear
resistance, glossy finishes, high durability, and smooth texture. They are available printed or
Often used for wrapping burgers
Plastic coating (Polythene)

Bleached Kraft
This paper is made from the Kraft pulping process utilizing Kraft pulp. Bleached Kraft
Paper under goes a treatment using bleach and other chemicals to whiten and purify the
natural pulp.
Fully bleached kraft pulp is used to make high quality paper where strength, whiteness, and
resistance to yellowing are important.

Plain and Printed MF Tissue paper.
MF or Machine Finished Tissue Paper is a premium quality tissue paper with a glaze finish on
both sides. It is more transparent than MG tissue paper and has a luxury crisp feel.
Used for wrapping and luxury packaging

Plain and printed foil lined tissue
Food packaging
Can print on either side

Plain and printed Glassine
Glassine is a smooth and glossy paper that is air, water, and grease resistant. It is
translucent unless dyes are added to colour it or make it opaque.
Tightly compressed (Pulp is closer)
Naturally greaseproof paper
Used to separate food stuff and artwork

Plain and printed waxed bleached kraft
Kraft paper coated on one or both sides, or impregnated with various waxes. The
treated paper can be water repellant and can have moisture barrier properties. Various
waxes are employed to produce the required performance.
Bleached waxed kraft for use in the food industry is also available for wrapping and
interleaving purposes.
Waxed so cannot put very hot food onto it

Plain and printed waxed tissue
Waxed tissue paper is manufactured from a strong tissue paper and coated with waxes for
direct contact with food. As such, this paper is widely used in delis, charcuteries and
bakeries to wrap foods such as cheeses, sliced meats and bakery products like doughnuts or
specialist breads.

Markets Supplied

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Food Halls





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